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TorGuard may be viewed as a little expensive contrasted with other VPN facilities in the market, be that as it may, the gauge of security and the endless highlights it gives profits.

Beginning with its wellbeing measures, TorGuard utilizes military-review encryption to anchor its whole system of servers. It sustains various security conventions including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and IKEv2.

The Furtiveness association utilizes SSL burrowing, OpenVPN and SSTP so you don’t need to consult on your security to sidestep a VPN square. TorGuard has an off button, which is a decent security execute to have.

It’s alluring to trust that VPN supplier TorGuard is in plotting or planning together furtively with the digital world security situated Tor Network. Snaring the VPN’s raison d’etre to torrenting may raise eyebrows, as the innovation is regularly used to unlawfully download copyrighted media from a shared system. Yet, the reality remains that TorGuard offers extra coatings of security fortress for not simply torrenting, but rather for a wide range of data exchanges, and that is an offering point for anybody worried about being surveilled.

VPN protocols:

The TorGuard VPN settlement sustains OpenVPN, L2TP and also PPTP conventions. In additament, it moreover offers socks5 downpour intermediary lodging. “Our OpenVPN convenience offers both UDP and TCP association alternatives on an assortment of ports and is designed to work in nations like China, Iran, Syria, or UAE where VPN conventions and ports are intensely separated by ISP’s at administration ask for,” the organization verbally communicates on its site.

With respect to the VPN encryption alternatives, TorGuard offers the accompanying four:

  • AES-128 — Advanced Encryption Standard (128bit) CBC mode
  • AES-256 — Advanced Encryption Standard (256bit) CBC mode
  • Blowfish — Blowfish (128bit) CBC mode
  • None — No encryption

The TorGuard VPN convenience defaults to AES-256, yet the organization verbalizes that “it might cause a minimal speed misfortune for a few clients.” For those separating ‘None,’ it merits saying that your confirm subtle elements will at present be encoded and your IP address will moreover be obnubilated.

Features of TorGuard:

There is a generous motivation behind why TorGuard is a standout amongst the most mainstream and confided in VPN lodging – it’s their highlights that make them extraordinary. We are not verbalizing anything insane here, simply the central stuff that each VPN utilizer needs and needs, however, which other VPN settlement suppliers some way or another don’t think about guaranteed.

For instance, illimitable speed and transfer speed accompany all TorGuard bundles. Some of them even incorporate illimitable mail stockpiling. You withal get a committed, crisp IP address only for you. There are more than 3,000 VPN servers accessible in excess of 55 nations of the world. They are on the whole deliberately dispersed over the globe so you can rest guaranteed that you will have one sufficiently close wherever your peregrinates may take you. The organization was sufficiently pleasant to place servers in Australia and Incipient Zealand furthermore, the locale that has been so unjustly overlooked by numerous VPN suppliers for a really long time.

TorGuard has another intriguing element that relatively few different suppliers can gasconade – the stealth server include. The “stealth” servers are perfect for nations and districts with web control, most famously China. On account of this component, the inhabitants of these regions would now be able to savor precisely the same and access indistinguishable sites from any other individual anyplace on the planet.

Here are a portion of the best highlights of TorGuard, outwardly see beneath.

  • Strict no-logs arrangement.
  • unlimited VPN uptime.
  • No constrains on VPN speed and data transmission.
  • Support for different VPN conventions: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, iKEV2.
  • TorGuard can keep running on up to five creations simultaneously.
  • Comes with help for Kill Switch.
  • Protects against DNS Leaks, WebRTC Leaks, IPv6 spills, and so on.
  • Supports Cisco AnyConnect and OpenConnect SSL VPN.

Pricing and Plans:

TorGuard suggestions four unalike membership battles predicated on the traverse of the membership. You can buy in for multi-month, three months, a half year or multi-year. The more drawn out your membership period, the higher the markdown. The month to month design costs $9.99, the quarterly membership costs $19.99, and the semi-yearly membership costs $29.99. On the off chance that you settle on the yearly membership, which costs $59.99, you will pay just $4.99 every month (you will be charged the whole total on the double). TorGuard withal offers a half-yearly arrangement for the most no-nonsense clients at a cost of $99.99 accused at regular intervals of a 7 days cash back guarantee.


  • Simple and easy-to-utilize application
  • Apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Stealth servers to maintain a strategic distance from discovery
  • P2P endorsed
  • 1600 servers in 50 nations
  • Gets into the BBC iPlayer
  • 7-day unconditional promise
  • 80 diverse installment composes acknowledged (counting store gift vouchers)
  • Selection of various VPN conventions
  • Selection of 128-piece or 256-piece AES encryption
  • Private DNS server
  • Killswitch
  • 5 synchronous associations
  • Adblocker and Malware blocker
  • Strictly no logs (Zero logging strategy)
  • DDoS support as a discretionary additional
  • Dedicated IP address choice


  • Base rendition can’t get into Netflix
  • Performance speeds differ


Subsequent to assessing TorGuard and highlights related with its settlement in detail, we would rank TorGuard at 8/10. TorGuard has an extensive variety of bundle intends to perfect your protection and security needs as well as withal profits you shun geographic confinements.

TorGuard strengthens refined burrowing conventions that set up a protected system. This blocks unapproved strike on your information and limits probability of hacking tries. TorGuard offers you an extensive variety of bundle intends to perfect your various needs. With 7 days unconditional promise, TorGuard VPN is justified regardless of a shot.

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